Stop Retail Loss | Hire Guards

Theft and burglary are prevalent in retail stores. That is why retail business owners have to hire a team with the necessary skills to control theft and ensure their overall protection.

Causes of Retail Loss
The leading causes of retail losses are
  • Shoplifting
  • Inventory errors
  • Employee theft
  • Vendor fraud
  • Improper paperwork
Security personnel can help significantly reduce cases of theft and loss at the retail store
Why You Need Guards
Theft and shoplifting are serious issues which if left unaddressed, can bring down a business. It would help if you had guards in your store because;
  • Sometimes it's not easy to apprehend shoplifters; guards are a deterrent measure.
  • Cases of theft will eventually tarnish the retail store's image.
  • Large shopping areas are usually targets for terrorism
  • Superstores and malls experience very high foot traffic, with people always walking in and out.
How Guards Can Help You
Most security companies have loss prevention security services through trained guards. Guards can help prevent direct loss to your business. Other ways they may help are
  • Do investigations in case of theft or shoplifting
  • Arresting of shoplifters
  • Do prevention of loss training for the employees of the business
  • Offer prevention as well as resolution for retail loss
  • Identify subjects hurrying through the store.
  • Supervise supplier deliveries and ensure accounting for every inventory.
Installation of surveillance cameras and access control technology will also go along way in preventing theft. Security companies in Burnaby have trained personnel that understands the behavior of criminals. Having a guard is equal to significantly reducing retail loss business.