Private Event Security

Are you planning on hosting an event? Are you aware of all the different services you require? A lot of time security services are missed during the hassle of planning and hosting an event. We here at On Guard Security are here to make sure your event is kept running smoothly. We offer services best suited for the type of event you will be hosting. All our officers at On Guard are trained specifically to handle large crowds/parties.

Are your attendee’s underage? Are you concerned about illegal substance use or drinking? On Guard Security is suitable and trained to check ID and ensure the party/event is kept as scheduled. If for any reason things may get out of hand, On Guard Security officers are trained to handle most situations, if the situations is out of our hands, we would contact the authorities and assist to ensure the issue is resolved. On Guard Security officers are trained for pat downs, bag checks, and substance use checks. This allows unwanted persons to be kept out of your event whom goal may to be target someone in your event or just cause a ruckus. When hosting a large event, it is essential for you to hire the right team of security experts to ensure they are able to handle large gatherings and effectively identify and neutralize any security threats that may arise in the course of the event.

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