Condominium Concierge

When hiring a security team, it is extremely important for you to find the right experts that best fit your needs. All our guards here at On Guard Security are professionally trained to handle various cases. On Guard Security is fully industry certified and licensed through the ministry of justice. Our personnel receive the highest level of training which equips them to handle a variety of security related challenges with immense skill. When living in a condominium or as we call it a “condo”, we instantly have a feeling of safety and protection as we are in a gated, protected living space. In today’s world we can never be to safe. Hiring On Guard Security to protect your condominium will result in those living to feel more at ease. We will provide your building with professional trained guards, suitable for all your questions/concerns or needs. Hiring Security officers for your building will keep unwanted personnel out and be able to instantly stop/work toward deescalating any issues the guard may come across. If you have any other issues your condominium is experiencing, please do not hesitate to contact our team here at On Guard Security.