Parking Enforcement

Do you manage a mall or shopping complex? Would you like to get excellent parking lot security services? Well, you have just arrived at the right place. On Guard Security is your local security partner that provides exquisite parking enforcement security services including commercial and residential security. We pride ourselves in developing the finest and most advanced solutions that are specially designed to meet the modern client’s needs.

Why you need us?
  • Many criminals love to traverse parking lots while searching for unlocked vehicles.
  • In some cases, the vehicle owners could have left valuables inside their car including electronics, money and other personal effects.
  • There have been numerous cases reported of drivers and passengers being robbed at gunpoint while still seated in their vehicles.
  • Parking lots are also a preferred location for illicit activities including drug trafficking and even prostitution.
  • Unruly youth often gather in empty parking lots at night to vandalize property by drawing graffiti on the walls and concrete.
What we Offer?
  • Our parking lot security services allow you to enjoy constant patrol and monitoring, thereby ensuring that no unauthorized activity is taking place.
  • We are always keen to make sure that each vehicle which enters the parking lot will remain perfectly safe until the owner returns to their vehicle.
  • We are the leading experts when it comes to identifying potential criminals and apprehending them before they cause any damage to life or property.
  • You can fully count on us to professionally handle any security breaches in a discreet and effective manner.
  • Our visible security presence within your parking lot will also act as a deterrent against crime since the vandals will be able to see uniformed security guards patrolling the area.
  • If you have been concerned about unauthorized persons entering your parking lot at night, get in touch with us now and we will be able to provide a mobile patrol security team that will survey your area on a regular basis.
  • Our main aim is to ensure that your commercial or residential facility is protected against criminals and any unauthorized persons who might be trying to illegally gain access to your facility.