Mobile GPS Patrol Services

On Guard Security not only provides our clients with on site guards, we also offer Mobile GPS Patrol Services . This means, we would have a security officer visit your site every few hours or as discussed with the client.

Our officers would patrol the area each time they visited the site and record any occurrences they may face. Although having a physical guard on site is more effective to insure your property is protected all the time, Mobile services comes into play when your site only needs minimum protection or if you wish to be more cost friendly.

GPS Tracking

When opening our company, we wanted to insure out main source of interest was our clients. We wanted to insure they are provided with exceptional services and would not have to worry about there property/site they have hired us for. Our team decided to take part in using a security checkpoint system. This system is used to make sure all our guards are always providing our clients with honest protection.

Every few moments are guards are instructed to visit each set up checkpoint and scan the barcode. The moment the barcode is scanned, the management team is alerted and are able to view where the guard currently is. At the end of shift, a report is printed for our records. You as the client are more than welcome to request this report for your own records as well.

Have further questions regarding our mobile services or GPS Services? Do not hesitate to contact our management team at any time. We are more than welcome to answer any questions you may have. Our teams are up and running 24 hours of the day/night. We hope to hear from you soon!

Mobile Security Guard Agency