Parking enforcement 101

Big establishments like malls and shopping complexes usually have big parking spaces because of the high number of visitors every passing moment. To maintain order at the parking lots, it essential to have security guards man the parking spaces.

Why Parking Enforcement Services are Important
It would be utter chaos if vehicle owners were left to their own devices at the parking lot. Reasons, why parking enforcement is necessary are:
  • Criminals love loitering at the parking lot, preying on unlocked vehicles
  • Vehicle owners may have valuables in their cars, such as money and electronics
  • Vehicle occupants do get robbed at gunpoint
  • Drug trafficking and other illicit activities like prostitution are rife in unchecked parking spaces
Factors of Successful Parking Enforcement
Proper Signage
Proper signage helps inform the public of every parking area's purpose and rules that apply for every section. “No parking” and “Permit parking only” are some popular signs at the mall. Access control equipment also helps, but signage must be present.
These are not a revenue resource but a deterrent measure. High fines will minimize cases of illegal parking, like parking in handicapped zones. Parking in loading zones should attract not a very punitive fine but an effective one.
This job is not for everyone. It takes an individual who enjoys working outdoors and is well trained, standing his/her ground in case of confrontations at the parking lot. We have security guard companies in Vancouver that provide parking enforcement services. Their guards competent enough to ensure smooth operations at the parking lot.