Keep Your Family Protected

Your residential property or say your home is your sanctuary and you should feel safe there all the time. But, crime is also a reality that can happen to anyone and anywhere, even at your home. Your home is your safe shelter and you should protect it from intruders. This is why residential security services from ON GUARD SECURITY are important. Let’s know what the benefits of approaching our residential security services are.

Proactive Protection

Security services from ON GUARD SECURITY are not just about preventing crime but are also for the well-being of all the family members in your home. Our well-trained security personnel can watch-over your home and its belongings, in order to protect them in every possible way.

Proper Handling of Security Issues 

The security guards from ON GUARD SECURITY are trained to handle crimes in a professional and efficient manner and act as your first line of defense in case of crime or invasion.

24-Hour Surveillance

You can sit back and relax as our security guard survey your area round-the-clock. They are highly trained to patrol your area efficiently and detect any persons of interest or suspicious activities. Our security experts also monitor the security cameras in the security office.

Immediate Response

When you do not have security guards in your community and suddenly crime happens, you have to call for assistance from the police and sometimes, it can take a while. But, if you have our security guards patrolling your area, the response time is faster and further damage can be prevented.

Proper communication and high-quality security are the foundation of a safe and secure residential community. And therefore, at ON GUARD SECURITY, we provide the same. Please contact us at 778-990-5070 for more help.