3 Important Reasons to Hire Unarmed Security Guards

Many people believe that hiring an armed guard will offer better services compared to unarmed security guards. However, this is not always the case because both of them can protect your business and deter crime. Most unarmed security personnel are equipped with non-lethal but effective weapons like sprays, batons, and tasers to deter violence and crime. This article will help you make up your mind if you are still confused about whether to hire armed or unarmed guards for your business.

It is affordable

Security companies in Burnaby tend to charge higher prices for armed guard services. There are various costs involved like on-the-job risks, cost of arms, training, and licensing. Unless you are in dire need of armed guards in your business, you can always opt for more affordable unarmed security personnel for all your safety needs. Unarmed security guards undergo rigorous training and must satisfy licensing requirements before they are employed. Therefore, they will effectively guarantee improved security without the complications and additional cost of armed guards.

Low security threat

Unarmed security guards are perfect for your business unless you are facing high-risk threats such as violent conflict or armed robbery. Most businesses face low security risks and can get excellent services from unarmed guards. These guards can guarantee safety and order in situations like traffic control, general surveillance, corporate security settings, retail loss prevention, and entry access.

Fosters a comfortable and relaxed environment

The sight of armed warehouse security services can make your visitors and employees uncomfortable. In a banking hall, people may feel more comfortable and safer with armed guards on site. However, in a residential apartment, people may feel on the edge and less comfortable. There is no need to hire armed guards unless you are guarding valuables or are in a financial institution. When you hire armed guards for your business, you assume responsibility whenever someone is injured or killed on your property. This can be a major blow financially, emotionally, and it may affect the reputation of your business. You can keep lethal force away from your business and increase your security and peace of mind with unarmed security guards on site.